"Come Fall in Love with Trading, If you haven't already.."

"Yes, Begin your enriching, profitable relationship with Share and Commodities."

  ELearning (Online) Course & Mentorship Program:

Learn & master the smartest, high accuracy intraday (day trading) Methodology from comfort of your home with our innovative eLearning(Online) Training & Mentorship program.

Learn unique, innovative proprietary trading methodology that will change your entire outlook towards intraday trading. (We are the only Training Program which gives 100% Guarantee of Consistent Daily Income with our Unique, Innovative Trading methodology).

Upskill Yourself and Master the Powerful Price Action Trading Methods to Earn Guaranteed Profits of 25%-100% on your Trading Capital every Month. 

No More wasting money on Tips/Advisory services. No more time-consuming, confusing Technical Analysis. 

No confusing and lagging Technical Indicators.

No need of Open Interest data analysis for Derivatives(Futures & Options Segment)

No Software required. In fact no need of laptop/Computer for trading. Entire Trading process to be done on your Mobile phone.

Start Trading confidently, independently and completely on own by acquiring these life-changing skill-sets for Intraday Trading. Learn Once and reap benefits for Lifetime.

Get started with your "Intraday Trading Business Model" for Daily Regular Income, Right from your Home with just a Smartphone.

To make it clear What exactly are you going to achieve by joining this Online Training Program : You will be Mastering the Exact Trading Techniques & Skills to make daily profit of 2.5% to 10% on your Trading Capital that too completely on your Mobile Phone.  Once you start using these techniques, you will never look for any other tools, resources. These methods will stay with you for rest of your life giving you complete financial independence.  

**The concept and techniques are so easy to learn and implement that every member of your family (having a Demat account) can start earning independently on own.

Easy to use Pure Price Action Trading Methodology which delivers consistent profits without use of any complicated, time-consuming Technical Analysis or technical indicators.

A simple streamlined Trading Process which can completely be used on smartphone. No Laptop/Computer needed. Best Methodology for Salaried/Professionals/Working people.

** Get A Complete Trading System to Generate Profits of over Rs. 20 Lacs starting with the Trading Capital of Rs. 20000 in Next 12 months**

Added - Ready Recknor of Trade Setups for trading in all the Commodities. Make additional Income of Rs.5000-15000 every evening with intraday trades in Commodities. 

Having Low trading Capital or Want to start and test strategies with lesser capital? No problem You can start trading with capital as low as Rs.7000 and convert in to Rs.25000 account in 1st month itself.

Yes, Trading Capital is not an issue for Success in Trading (Start Small Make it BIG) - It's All About Usage of Right Concept, Application of Proper Methodology and Developing Right Mindset to achieve your Financial Goals. 

No need to go through the complicated technical analysis, we have simplified the concepts and converted it into simple, straight techniques that can be used straightaway. It saves humongous amount of time for you. The techniques and methods are result oriented with single objective of making PROFITS with less stress and minimum efforts.

"Give just 40 minutes every evening/night and make Rs.2000-25000 next day from Stock market without disturbing current work/job." 

"Remember: Trading is a Business Activity which requires Specialized Skill-sets. And like any other business, profit is the sole motto of Trading in Stocks/Commodities"

"One of a kind Trading Skill Development eCourse in India - Providing Complete mentoring & training on Exact techniques & methods with NO NEED TO LEARN ANY COMPLICATED TECHNICAL ANALYSIS". The Methodology is based on Pure Price Action concepts and there is no requirement of any software or Technical Indicators for intraday trading.

You get to learn Complete Ready-To-Use-As-It-Is Trading system with a Working Trading Business Plan to generate consistent daily, weekly & monthly income. 

A high accuracy, profitable system which can immediately be copied and replicated effortlessly by anyone irrespective of previous knowledge or experience of stock market.

Our carefully Designed eLearning Study Modules with simple Video Walk-through explanation makes it very easy for everyone to understand. 

Our Simple, systematic learning approach towards understanding the concept and the methodological application of it in actual trading will prepare you to trade like a Professional in less than 2 days.

What exactly does the eCourse cover?

          Details of Complete Course Content:

 High accuracy (over 90%) in Intraday Trading Techniques.
 Simple, Proven & Powerful Price Action Methodology to Quickly Select Right Stocks & Trade Setups for intraday Trades to make Rs.2000-25000 per day of Profits.
 Methods to Determine Direction of Stock Movement, Right Entry Price, Stoploss & Target within 3 seconds on your smartphone. No laptop/computer needed.
  Our Unique Trading methodology gives profits within 5-15 mins. In fact No need to be in a trade for more than 30 mins.
Intraday Cash Margin Trades:
 Selection of Stocks for Cash Segment Trades (Ready-made list of Stocks to pick best trade setups for intraday profits)
Trading Capital Allocation & Management
Intraday Futures & Options Segment Trades:
 Selection of Stocks for Intraday Futures & Options Trades. (Ready-made list of F&O Stocks to pick best trade setups for intraday profits)
Trade Management Rules & Process.
 Intraday Trade Setups in Nifty & Bank Nifty for Quick Profits Everyday (Profit of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2 lacs per day)
 Selection of Stocks for BTST/STBT Trades
 Selection of Stocks for Positional (1-4 days) Trades
 Option Trading Strategies for profiting with low initial Trading Capital
 Methodology to Double the Trading Capital every 3 months. (Hedged Options Strategy)
 Intraday Commodities Trading Techniques & Strategies  (All 11 Commodities from MCX)
 Trading Methodology & Ready-Recknor of TradeSetups for all Commodities - Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Zinc, Aluminium, Lead, Nickel, Natural Gas,  Cotton, MenthaOil.
** Make additional income of Rs.2000-15000 every evening from 4.30 p.m to 11.30 p.m. All on our smartphone, from anywhere. No laptop/computer required.
Building long term Portfolio with regular Profits from Intraday Trades
Preparing customized Trading Plan to meet personal financial goals
 Trading Master Plan (With combination of Strategies) to generate Profits of Rs. 20 Lacs in next 12 months Starting with capital of Rs.20000.  

  (** Format of Study Modules: 14 Videos , Explanatory PDFs, Ready Excel Worksheets to help you with trade management process)The learning modules are designed such that Once Downloaded, one can study it anytime from anywhere and on any platform – Smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.   

Requirements for Starting your Trading Business with Our Powerful Price Action Trading Methodology :

  • Basic Smartphone with 4G Internet Connection.
  • A Demat Account which has a good Mobile Trading App. ( For beginners help & support is provided for opening of Demat account)

What is the duration/validity of the eLearning Program?

There is no time validity as such for the eLearning program.  Training,mentoring,support continues till you are comfortably able to trade on your own with the methods & techniques. You get dedicated support from the founder himself who is an active proprietary trader with experience of over 14 years. All your queries/doubts are resolved immediately via Email/WhatsApp or Scheduled phone calls.

How much money is required to start trading in Stock Market?

You can start trading with money as low as Rs. 5000 for Cash Segment. For trading in Futures segment in intraday bracket order system capital required is Rs.8000-25000. 

As the accuracy of techniques is high we do not require large amount of money. In fact you will learn to grow your trading capital consistently.

Here’s illustration and demonstration of how one can start with small capital of Rs.15000 and book daily profit of Rs.1500-5000 on it. (Read & Watch Videos on our Blog)

Most of our course subscribers have grown their trading capital from 20000 INR to 100000 INR in short period of time. 

Do you need to learn any kind of Technical Analysis for Intraday trading?

NO, you do not require knowledge of any technical Analysis . We don’t use any complicated technical concepts, any software, any formulas or any calculators. We don't even require study of Candlestick Chart pattern etc. Our Price action Methodology only requires plain line charts for determination of prices.

Simplicity is the Soul of our highly effective, reliable Methodology which helps us in consistently generating profits from stock/commodity market. Even a 14 year old can learn and start trading with these techniques. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

You only have to Learn and Copy the methodology and techniques straight-away. Replicate the results similar to hundreds of our Course subscribers who are using our trading methodology everyday.

How will you benefit from this Course?

Doesn't matter Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader – to be straight this eCourse will help in generating steady daily income of Rs.2000-75000.

If you are a new comer to stock market this course will help you in saving lot of time and money. You won't be wasting time on learning any complicated technical analysis and you will save your hard-earned money from losing out to any trial and error methods or falling prey to any fraudulent trading tips providers.

It hardly takes 2-4 hrs to understand the concept & methodology. Within 2 days of joining the course one is able to trade like a Professional.

If you are an experienced trader then it's time to take your trading to the next level, as these highly effective techniques will definitely boost your trading performance. Your accuracy and success rate of profitable trades will shoot up.  

Starting with Daily Profit of Rs.2000, the methodology will help you in increasing your daily Net Profit Target to the levels of Rs.15000-150000. And Also Start Generating additional income of Rs.2000-15000 from Commodities Trades every evening. 

What results should you expect after completion of this eLearning course? 

 We Assure that once you start using our Methodology and Techniques, you will achieve consistency of Profits without much efforts.

 To be clear if your trading strategy/methodology is not giving you at least Rs.2000 per day or Rs.8000-10000 per week of net profit then it's not worth wasting time/money and energy on trading. Because whatever be the market condition an intraday trader with goo trading system should be able to achieve daily profit of at least Rs.2000.

If one is not able to achieve this much of consistent profit then one should change his/her trading techniques. Your Trading Methodology should be such that it should help you in spotting the trading opportunities with profitable trade setups quickly and comfortably according to the market trend/movements.

 With our methodologies even a newcomer with zero knowledge/experience can expect to reach daily profit level of Rs. 2000 within 5 days of usage of these techniques. The profit targets will be steadily increased to reach the level of Rs. 5000-50000 per day of net profit. No additional capital needs to be added, as the daily accumulation of profit itself will increase your trading capital.

So for same trade setups and same efforts one starts making bigger profits as we just need to increase quantity of shares or lot sizes for the trades. 

Once you gain confidence and expertise with these methods, you can easily scale up your trading business to target bigger profits. 

Your Objective should be to slowly and steadily reach Monthly profit level of Rs. 2 Lakh plus of additional income from stock & commodity trading. 

"Do Not Change Your Financial Goals, Change Your Methodology of Trading" Get the smartest way to Achieve Success in Trading.

Advantages of joining Tradvantage's eLearning course?

 The methodology that we use doesn’t require you to sit in front of computer screen for the whole day. It just requires 30-45 minutes of your time. You don't even need computer/laptop for trading purpose. You can do Trading-On-The-Go from anywhere on your smartphones without disturbing your current work. We understand that most new traders also have a 9-5 job, so our main focus is to provide you with the skills & methodology that will allow you to pick, execute and manage trades while also working on your regular job. Our program is designed to allow you to make money without being attached to your computer/laptop all day.

 It will remove guesswork, trial & error methods from your trading. And you will learn how everything can be done very quickly just on your smartphone. 

 You will learn how to save your time with proper trading tools.

 With these techniques & strategies you will have a ready-made Trading Plan for entire year. You won't have to look for any other trading system, software, or lose money on tips/advisory services.

 You will be able to design a professional trading routine to make consistent & regular income.

 You will also start receiving daily watchlist of stocks which is prepared using these techniques every morning during market hours for intraday trades. It helps in better understanding of concept & techniques. The daily Stock watchlist for trading in Cash, Options & Futures is prepared by us for our proprietary trades using same techniques & it’s shared with all our Course subscribers.

 You will learn to create a list of stocks for intraday trades with exact entry, stoploss and Targets prior to market opening. You will be able to prepare such list on you mobile phone itself in about 20-30 minutes. Prepare such list of 15-20 Stocks by evening/night and add it to your Trading Account. When market opens next day, just trade as per your pre-determined entry prices. You can very well trade on your Smartphone (via broker's Trading Mobile App).  This method is very useful for people who are working.

 You get mentoring and support via Phone/WhatsApp/Email to resolve queries and clear all the doubts regarding the trading methodology. 

This single eLearning program will change your perspective towards trading and generating profits.

 The Concept and Techniques are very simple that you can teach them to any of your family member. 

Thoroughly Back-Tested. Proven Results and 100% Practical, Reliable & Profitable strategies. 

It saves your time and  money in addition to helping you in generating regular stream of daily/weekly/monthly income, Anytime from anywhere.

We understand the problems faced by retail traders, and have come up with solution to these major problems with simple, practical methodology for trading in the share and commodity markets. 

Unless we identify the exact problems we won’t be able to find the right solutions.

Why 95% retail traders lose money in the markets? Why they have to depend on unreliable paid tips providers and advisors? Why they lack confidence in their  trades?

Let's look at the biggest problems faced by retail traders:

1.  Not knowing simple & easy methodology to identify and pick RIGHT stocks for intraday/positional trades.

2.  Not able to determine proper Trade Setups with exact entry price, stoploss price and target price for trades.

3.  Not able to control emotions of fear & greed.

4.  Not having proper Trading plan to manage risk & achieve Profit Targets.

5.  Not using proper utility Tools for saving time and unnecessary stress during trading process.

Here's the Solution Part: What if you get a Ready-To-Copy Trading System which simplifies everything for you -



Who can benefit from our eCourse on Stocks & Commodities Trading Techniques ?

Everyone who is seriously interested in earning income from stock/commodity markets. Salaried, Professionals, Business Owners, Students, Retired persons, Housewives, employed/unemployed everyone can use it.  The trading system is designed such that anyone and everyone can learn it quickly from anywhere and use it for wealth creation.

How Salaried/Working Class can make use of these techniques and strategies to create extra stream of income?

You will be able to operate entire trading activity on your smartphone itself, and you don't need to monitor it all the time. 

Working/Salaried people can manage their trading activity in stocks and commodities in following ways:

 They can very well do intraday trades as well as swing trades of 1-3 days - by managing trades on smartphone in between the work. No need to watch any TV commentary, No Software needed, No     time consuming complicated technical data analysis to do. 

They can do Commodity trading in the evening. Commodity markets are open till 11.30 p.m., so people can do trading in any of the commodities like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Natural Gas etc after office hours from 6 p.m – 11.00 p.m. Capital required for Commodity trading is also small from Rs.5000- 20000 and one can easily make Rs.500-15000 daily by just trading in the evening. No knowledge of fundamentals of any commodity needed.

You will learn simple methodology to trade in any of the commodities on your smartphone itself. Best way to utilize your idle evening time. Who doesn’t want to have an additional source of income by sitting at home! Any additional per month income of Rs.20000-75000 generated just by trading in evening is GOOD. Actually IT'S BEST THING YOU CAN HAVE, one can use it to pay off their EMIs of Car/Home loan, right? 

 Also working people can have a trading plan in which they can generate trade setups on weekends(Saturday-Sunday) and take positions according to it on Monday/Tuesday for 1-3 days and close the Positions by Thursday/Friday. This way one can set a weekly target and trade according to it.

There are numerous possibilities and opportunities to make REAL BIG difference to your monthly income by way of trading in Stocks & Commodities.

You will be amazed at the simplicity of the methods & techniques that we use and the Profits that they deliver.

There is no reason or excuse what-so-ever for anyone to miss such money making oppourtunities that "Trading" has to offer, EVERY SINGLE DAY !

Share & commodity trading have numerous benefits as a part time second income source as well as a full time business. 

This is Recession Proof business and can generate income in any state of economy - In trading we make money from rising as well as falling markets. So no worries about how the economy is performing.

We have designed Simple, Easy e-Learning Modules to help you with learning & understanding everything from comfort of your home on Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. (Once Downloaded, it doesn't require internet connection for learning, you can study it offline anytime as per own convenience & pace). Our endeavor is to provide retail traders with specific skill-sets to make it easy for them to profit consistently from stock markets. We have condensed the essential concepts and ideas and designed a handy, simple-to-follow trading system which one can learn easily and implement quickly.

We have helped 800+ traders and investors to get into the habit of making consistent daily/monthly profits. This is our 4th Year of Training & Mentoring Program.

The reason that many people lose money in the stock market is because they lack the proper knowledge base and failure to get right mentor with proven & successful Trading system. 

While learning to trade you must be willing to let go the old ideas and start fresh - develop new habits and the discipline necessary to trade successfully & profitably over time.

As a trader the 1st step is to Set a financial Goal. Prepare a proper trading plan. Work on Right Trading system. And then Start trading to achieve your financial goal.


Once you have set your Financial Goals, next step is to design an actionable trading plan to achieve those goals.


Are you willing to do this?

Investing in a solid education and taking advantage of the insights and experience of successful traders makes a lot of sense when starting to trade.

We are here to equip you with right arsenal so that you become a successful professional trader in no time, bringing you through the fog to the front lines of trading where the action and opportunities are greatest. We'll accelerate your learning curve and strengthen your skill set so that your journey towards wealth creation becomes enjoyable.

 You'll overcome the fear that is currently preventing you from participating more actively in the markets, taking your confidence to a new level as you become a self-directed/independent trader making own decisions in managing own money.

  Don’t blindly follow the opinions of other traders, TV pundits, or self-proclaimed Stockgurus. Do not trade on Stock Tips/Advisory unless you understand what you are doing.

Why reinvent the wheel? Follow the methods of people who have been successful.

Once you go through the Tradvantage eLearning Modules, your attitude towards the stock markets will change, and you will never trade the same way as before. You will witness a big improvement in your Trading Performance. That's for sure.

The Tradvantage e-course is a stepping stone to take you beyond the ranks of the struggling buy-and-hope crowd - to an educated, well-informed trader/investor who is well equipped to trade in any market condition.

If you are looking for a proven and hands-on methodology that will transform you from a struggling to a professional trader in less than 2 days, the Tradvantage’s Trading eCourse is just what you have been looking for. 

Learn at your own pace and build your knowledge step by step. Each module has a very specific goal with actionable tips and step by step instructions

How to Register & get access to complete study modules?

 Visit here for details on Online Registration and Process to Download complete Study Modules.

Tradvantage Academy makes learning easy with its well-structured, robust, comprehensive, easy-to-understand e-learning modules, you can learn on the go, in the comfort of your home - and you can BEGIN RIGHT NOW IN NEXT 2 MINUTES.   

What more you get?

You get Lifetime Free updates on Courseware.

Lifetime Support via Email/phone/SMS/WhatsApp 

You also receive daily watch-list of Stocks for trading till you are comfortable with techniques and are able to generate trades on your own - This watchlist of trading ideas is created every day and send during live market hours to every course subscriber.  It helps in better understanding of the intraday trading strategies & techniques when you observe them during live market hours. It also helps you to recover your course fee within 4-5 days as well as generate steady cash flow while learning the methods. 

Read about our results and feedback here.(Visit our blog)

You can practice and learn without actually putting your money in the stock markets, You can just try-out the techniques with paper trading or on any free virtual trading platforms. Once you gain confidence & conviction in the techniques then only use actual money for trading.

Permanently remove fear/apprehension/skepticism regarding trading from your mindset. Boost your Confidence.

 STOP Wasting Time on  Complicated Technical Analysis & Confusing Technical indicators.

STOP Losing Money on Unreliable Stock Tips and Trial & Error Methods in Stock Markets. 

You will never need any Stock, Commodity Tips or Advisory. You will have a personal trading plan to make money as and when you want it.

After this course you will never ask the question - How to make money from stock market?  

The only question that you will ask to yourself will be - How much money you want to make and decide the Target and set trading plan as per your financial goals.

 This is an investment in your knowledge resource which will help you in every decision you make as a trader or an investor.

The ball is in your court now, and you're facing a decision which could make a tremendous difference in your future.

Right about now, you're asking yourself,  " What am I waiting for, and what have I got to lose?"

Get over that hump of uncertainty and Take Action - you'll be glad you did. 

If you are looking for a Proven, Convenient & Simplest System to be a Profitable trader then Tradvantage's eLearning program will surely help you to get it. 

Don't lose your hard earned money on trail & error methods or on fraudulent tips providers. It's better to learn everything for once and keep enjoying the benefits for life.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Lot of people who took the course taught these trading techniques to their spouses and other family members - which helped them to increase their overall family income.   

I can assure you, once you start using these amazingly simple & powerful trading methods, you will simply fall in Love with Trading and it's ability to create Wealth for you.

This One Skill-set has capability to transform your life forever.

And these skills will remain with you for rest of your life, helping you to generate daily and monthly profits.

"This one decision is surely going to change your perspective towards steady wealth creation through trading .

 It's Time To Revolutionize Your Income."

[Here's the Daily Profits that you should be expecting to replicate with our unique intraday trading methodology. ]

No time consuming theory, no stressing over confusing technical indicators, learn straight, simple techniques which delivers results from day 1.

Take First Step towards reaching your ultimate Goal of Financial Freedom.  


Register for the instant access to the e-Course Study modules.

One more important thing:

If You Think That Large Capital is required to earn from Stock & Commodity markets?

Then You Must Watch these Videos of Trading Performance & Results of our techniques.

[ Watch in 720p HD Quality for better viewing]


Have further questions??

Connect with Founder - Mentor of Tradvantage Academy

- Deepak Niranjan for any queries via Call/WhatsApp/SMS/Email. 

(WhatsApp - 7030290174 )

Learn the Better, Easy & Smart way to trade and Create Wealth!





  Join the ever growing community of successful- profitable traders : 

Video Walkthrough of WhatsApp and Email inbox - Watch User Feedback, Results and how Support is provided real time at every stage to help you in learning the methods & Strategies.

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Tradvantange course intraday strategy Travantage Price Action intraday Strategy

Tradvantage Academy Trading Course Feedback


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Tradvantage course feedback      

Tradvantage feedback  tradvantage academy feedback

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Tradvantage Academy intraday trading techniques results Tradvantage Academy intraday trading techniques results

Tradvantage Academy intraday trading techniques results Tradvantage Academy intraday trading techniques results

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback 

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback  Tradvantage academy Share Trading methods feedback

Tradvantage academy Share Trading techniques results Tradvantage academy Share Trading techniques results

Tradvantage academy Share Trading techniques results   Tradvantage academy Share Trading techniques results

Tradvantage feedback Tradvantage customer testimonials






Tradvantage Course review





Tradvantage Intraday Strategy feeback




More Blog comments & SMSs..

Regret that I didn't know about this course before or I would have saved lot of money that I wasted on other training institutes. Totally worth the money. Others are charging 3 times more but only teaching technical analysis which I am not able to use in actual trading. The techniques that I have learned in Tradvantage Academy has totally transformed my trading. My confidence level has zoomed so much. I Give 10/10 to your course material.   ~  Naresh K, Surat.

My ranking in Indian Traders league has improved and from last 2 months I am always in top 200 of traders. With your techniques my accuracy has improved from 65% to  90%. Thank you Sir.       ~ Siddesh, Nagpur

Brilliant course on share market. Thank you Deepak sir for the efforts in creating this teaching material. ~  Kamlesh Lanjewar, Mumbai.

The Best course and training material on stock market I have seen. ~  SK Rao, Cochin

Good Courseware & techniques. Initially I was skeptical about learning it online. But once I joined I found the course was beautifully designed . Even for beginners like me it was easy to understand and Deepak Sir made it sure that every doubt gets cleared with proper explanation.   ~   Harpreet Kaur, Delhi 

It was wonderful working with your trading methods, I doubled my trading capital, yes made cool 135% profit in single trade during Brexit Referendum that too in a single day.

~  Krishnakant, Mumbai (Via email)

Thanks a lot. the trading techniques are working for me. ~  Mashesh Sau, Aurangabad, (M.S)

May your tribe increase. You people are doing good job. Nicely designed courseware. ~  S. D, Mumbai.

It's been a month, I'm doing good. Let's hope it continues the same way. Thanks.   ~ Mr. Chaudhari, Kolkata

I'm glad I took your course. I now know how much money and time I was wasting on trading tips. I'm totally following the trading plan as per your table, and liking it . ~ Dheeraj K, Mumbai.

Too Good. Can't believe, I never thought trading could be so easy. Your course material has totally taken fear out of my mind regarding Stock Markets. ~ Iftikar, Indore.

It's really beneficial for housewife like me. I have lot of time in the afternoon. Your Course methods have given me chance to use my time to make good use of my free time for making money.    ~  Snehal Ahuja, Delhi.

Thanks for the course. I really need something like this. It's really helpful unlike other expensive courses. All the Best to the Team of Tradvantage.  ~  Subodhkant, Nagpur.

Nice Course. Simple techniques. Me and my wife are able to implement it easily.   ~  S. Ghosh, Kolkata 

My trading accuracy has improved. I feel more confident with my trades now. ~  Vikrant, Secundarabad.

The Course is worth. It saves lot of time and money for people who are serious about making money from stock markets.  ~  G Reddy, Vizag.

It's amazing, I never knew trading could be so much of fun ,until I came across your ecourse. I'm  glad I got it at the right time.  ~  Tushar Joshi, Thane
I'm new to Stock markets. I already had a Demat account but never dared to trade for the lack of knowledge and guidance.I really appreciate the efforts put in by tradvantage team for the people like me. The eCourse has completely changed my attitude towards the stock markets. ~  R. Srinivasan, Mysore
Very helpful and informative resource for any trader and investor.    ~ Ankur Puri, Delhi
I never thought making money from stock market could be so easy. Me and my wife both have learnt a lot from the course.
 ~ Sumeet Rai, Mumbai
Good Experience, I'm very much satisfied with the trading system discussed in the course. It is the simplest of all, I have ever learnt.  I started using it 2nd day itself. Good work guys.  ~  kedar J, Pune
Thanks for the course.      ~  Siddiqui, Nagpur
I recommend this course to anyone wanting to start learning Stock trading. Easy techniques. Very practical methods to make money.   ~   Arun kaushal, Indore
Good Work.    ~   Umakant, Amrawati.


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