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Hundreds of Hours of Zoom Training Sessions Done.

Best of Intraday Techniques, Tricks, Strategies

Quick Description on how Tradvantage's Training & Mentorship will benefit you: 

Complete Mastery of Powerful Predictive Price Action Techniques to generate daily income with trading in Stocks, indices and Commodities.

Learn exact step by step process to implement rule based price action methodology.

No emotions. No random decision making.

Trade only as per the well planned systematic trading method which includes proper risk and money management.

Complete training and guidance on transforming your smartphone into a powerful day trading business Machine to keep generating consistent profits every day from morning 9.30 a.m to 11 p.m evening from stocks and commodities market.

Set your smartphone into Auto-recurring Alert Management system which will keep notifying you on probable momentum setups even if you are busy with your other work.

  • Learn and Master intraday trading with real money in live markets with Zoom Online sessions scheduled between 12.00 p.m to 3 p.m (Monday-Friday).
  • Get to learn exact technique implementation to select stocks, pick correct trend and entry points, Sloploss, targets.
  • Master Nifty Intraday and Banknifty intraday Options Buy trading techniques, picking real time Call and Put Option Buy trades as per the trend and momentum. Learn proper stoploss management and risk management techniques in real market trades.
  • Nothing theoretical about our Mentorship Program on Mastering the Art of Income Generation with Intraday Trading.
  • Clear your doubts and queries in real market and live trades with me and team at Tradvantage.
  • Get exact solutions to actual trading problems in real market conditions.
  • Remove lag or delay in entering in RIGHT trade setups. 
  • Pick trade entries correctly and accurately, manage trades with full confidence and conviction.
  • Interpret Market Mood and Trend within 10 seconds precisely with our powerful predictive price action analysis.
  • Save massive time and money on learning and Mastering the result oriented intraday techniques.

Please note that this is NOT a usual course based on all kinds of theories and concepts most of which are not needed at all for intraday trading thus making it complicated for retail traders to succeed. You don't have to learn different candlesticks patterns and study all the lagging indicators and oscillators for technical analysis.

We train and mentor on our specific trading style and methodology which doesn't require us to have any knowledge of candlesticks chart patterns.

The method needs just line charts for predictive price action analysis. No RSI, ADX, MACD or Bollinger band etc study required.

To say in straight and simple language, what we do is - we mentor you with our proprietary trading method and style to capture consistent profits and to keep adding money from markets to your savings bank account. 

While 95% of retail traders keep giving money to markets rather than generating from markets.

We guide and train you in pulling profits from market and growing your income and wealth in the systematic rule based cash generating day trading business model.

Our Premium Intraday Trading Business Mentorship Program ensures a safe & steady journey towards complete financial freedom and a peace of mind.

Helping you to establish a sustainable and profitable day trading business right on your smartphone without using complicated concepts and theories.

The Sole objective is to mentor you to profitability with our ready to use step by step rule based Techniques.

It's time to re-imagine the day trading with clear mechanical process to get profit delivered in your account.

A methodology with minimal decision making from our end.

No need to use our brains. 

No emotional attachments to trades, nothing is left to our mind or brain to decide.

What should be the entry price?

What should be the Stoploss?

What will be the Target for the trade?

All these questions will never bother you.

Targets, Stoplosses, Risk-Reward Ratio, Accuracy all are sorted.

Only thing left for you to do is learn the simplified skills, implement techniques directly in step by step manner and pocket the profits.

Master the Art of price action interpretation with amazing accuracy.

In 5 days master powerful methodology to pick right stocks for intraday options trades.

Know exactly when to buy Call Option, when to buy Put option.

Get command over Nifty and Banknifty Options Intraday Buy Trades. 

No Options selling to be done.

No Option Chain analysis, no open interest data monitoring.

No option greeks (alpha,beta,gamma,theta) study required.

No volume analysis. When you wait for volume indication, the entries are mostly delayed. In day trading your trade entries should be very precise and timely.

No News based trades. No Tips/Advisory services to follow.

No delayed entries because of lagging indicators.

With our trading style and methodology you get to pick trades early at the very start of momentum.

Useful practical tricks and strategies that will improve your trading performance immediately.

No theoretical concepts. Learn the things that actually work in real market conditions.

Complete Mentorship for pursuing Day Trading on full time basis to generate consistent profits by using only your smartphone.

Yes, you get Complete Training on Step by Step implementation of our Powerful Momentum Price Action Methodology on your smartphone to start Generating Daily Income.

Understand & Learn Concept, techniques in 2 Days.

Discuss/clear Doubts via WhatsApp or Live interactive Zoom Talk.

Start Trading with it in 3-5 Days.

Course Syllabus / Topics Covered:

  • Basics & Advanced Price Action Explained in Simpler Way.
  • Unique perspective on price action so that most of the complex, time consuming study can be avoided. You won't be required to learn and analyse any candlesticks patterns. Master art of complete price action analysis with simple line charts. I guarantee you will never ever use candlesticks and other charts in your life to trade in stock markets.
  • Different methods of Chart interpretation.
  • Derivatives (Futures and Options) Concepts Explained in Simple way. 
  • All about timeframes. How to choose correct timeframes for your trades?
  • Best method to select stocks with momentum for intraday and swing trades.
  • Two Powerful Momentum Price Action Strategies for Intraday trading: (Scissor-Pipe Technique and HTV Technique)
  • For Cash Equity Segment - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk Management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • For Stock Futures Segment - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk Management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • For Stock Options: Learn how to select Stocks with clear momentum for intraday trades in options segment (only Call/Put Buy. No options selling).
  • For Nifty Futures Segment - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk Management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • For BankNifty Futures - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • For Nifty Options - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • For BankNifty Options - Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • Learn How Nifty/Banknifty Intraday Options buying trades generate daily income in couple of hours of work with low capital of Rs.15000-20000? 
  • No complicated analysis, ONLY pure price action analysis for Trend & Momentum following. 
  • Our Trading style and methodology doesn't require Option Selling or Option Hedging Strategies.
  • For Commodities - Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Silver, Gold, Copper, Nickel etc. Complete Process of Trade setup picking, Risk management, Entry and Exit point selection. (Daily Profit Capturing Method)
  • Swing Positional Trades with Momentum Price Action Techniques. (2-10 days holding period)
  • Crytocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc) - Trade Profitably in any Cryptocurrency with the learned Techniques.
  • Strategy to quickly Pick Trading setups with early identification of Trend and Momentum.
  • Tricks to avoid False Breakouts and False Setups.
  • How to decide correct stoploss and targets based on selected timeframes?
  • How to decide exact positon sizing / Quantity of shares for every trade with efficient capital management process?
  • How to accurately pick trade set ups with 1:2 to 1:5 risk-reward ratios with proper Stoploss management method.
  • Complete Trade management Process to capture daily profits within 5-20 minutes.
  • Master the Art of Smartly managing trades and capturing Profits within the available time slots.


No need to be in trade for whole day. 

No continuous trading or over-trading needed.  

No need to sit in front of computer/ laptop for intraday trades.

No requirement of Amibroker or MT4 softwares. Learn powerful simplified techniques to pick trades on smartphones in under 10 secs without disturbing the work.

Working and salaried people will be able to trade effectively and comfortably and book consistent profits in day trading as well as swing trading.

No dependency on any advisory or tips services.

Learn the techniques once and implement them daily just on your smartphone to book consistent profits and keep generating regular income for rest of your life.

  • Trading Account handling - Learn how to place intraday trades with proper tools of risk Management.
  • All about selecting the right Brokerage services with all the necessary features required for intraday trading.

Two Powerful Risk management and money management strategies explained.

  • Readymade risk management and money management tools provided.
  • Intraday Loss recovery mechanism - even if any trade hits stoploss, you are able to recover the loss along with brokerage/transaction cost in next trade itself.
  • No Strategy gives 100% accuracy in every trade, but with proper risk management we get consistency in profits.
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    It is available for every segment Equity cash, Banknifty Futures, Banknifty Options, Nifty Futures, Nifty Options, Commodities like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver.

    The Profit Management Calculators helps us in strict money management and risk -management. Even if there is loss in certain trade, the tool helps us in recovering loss and getting back in Profit with next trade, so that not a single day ends in loss. A MUST-HAVE tool for every intraday trader.

    Complete Mastery of Momentum Trade picking techniques for all segments without use of lagging indicators.

    No knowledge of any candlesticks chart patterns needed.

    No knowledge of any technical indicators required.

    Our course and training program is laser sharp focused on the topics and concepts which have practical application and which we actually use for capturing profits from market. 

    No need to clutter our mind with unnecessary theories and concepts. 

    We only need to Master the things that actually matter in real market conditions.

    The course is all about practical momentum price action techniques.

    Within an hour of getting access to our course modules, you will straight away start practicing the techniques on your smartphone.

    Concepts, techniques all simplified to such an extent that even 10 year kid can understand it easily.

    • Beginners will get skilled in exact momentum price action method with proper risk management and money management strategies. This will give big boost to their confidence in trading. They will witness massive jump in accuracy to pick right stock and right trade set up at right time.
    • Experienced traders will improve their performance massively with implementation of these price action techniques across any assets and instruments.

    We Totally assure that you will absolutely fall in love with our Day Trading Style and Methodology.

    Complete solution to controlling emotions during trading, maintaining right mindset and psychological equilibrium to trade in cool and calm manner:

Start with Small Capital and grow it big:

Guidance on starting with small capital and growing it systematically with compounding of profits every day.

Learn exact methodology to grow small capital of Rs.5000/10000 to Rs.50000 with consistent profit capturing. (Even with current margin restrictions our methodology will help you to grow your small capital by intraday trading in cash equity and Nifty, Banknifty Options buying.)

"Yes, Start with initial Capital of Rs.10000 and within 60 days Start capturing daily profit of Rs.5000 with our Powerful Momentum Price Action Intraday Profit Capturing Methodology and efficient risk management strategy."

Format of Course and Mentorship Program: 

  • You get access to Introductory study modules immediately on registration. The Study modules are in the form of Recorded Videos, important tools and resources like Excel sheets, PDFs.
  • The Course Modules are designed such that they are 100% self explanatory in easy to understand language without any complex technical term.
  • The complete implementation of our Powerful intraday Momentum technique is explained with live examples in explanatory Videos in both English & Hindi language.
  • Complete instructions are provided on how to proceed with learning.
  • You can study and learn with own pace as per your convenience.
  • Next stage is Scheduling of 1-on-1 Live Market Zoom Sessions with Live Screen Sharing for complete understanding of methodology. The Real Market Time Sessions are scheduled between 12 p.m to 3 p.m (Monday -Friday).
  • With Live 1-on-1 mentoring sessions all the dynamics of real time trading are discussed. Issues and problems faced with practical application of techniques are resolved.
  • Your grooming continues till the desired profitability stage is reached.
  • You get dedicated WhatsApp number to ask doubts and resolve queries on daily basis. For detailed query resolution, Zoom Sessions are between 4.30 -7.30 p.m on all weekdays and Saturday 10 a.m to 6 p.m where Mentors Deepak Niranjan and Priyanka D Niranjan resolve all the queries.
  • Additionally, there are special Zoom doubt clearing sessions conducted by Priyanka D Niranjan for Homemakers to guide them on making effective use of there free time to generate daily income. 

 Language of Communication/training/discussion:  English/Hindi/Marathi.

Duration or Validity of Course and Training Program: No specific Validity. Get guidance till you are completely comfortable with the methodology. Also you get lifetime support and free updates on Courseware.

Is there a Refund/Money Back Policy? : Yes, Don't worry this Super Valuable Mentorship program has a robust Refund Policy on Course Fees. We have made your learning process completely Risk-Free. If you don't make money with our Techniques, we don't keep your money. Fees is refunded back to you.  

Who are Course Curator, Trainer and Mentors ?

I am Deepak Niranjan the Founder & Mentor at Tradvantage Academy. After Completing Electrical Engineering from NIT Nagpur, I have been working in Education Domain since 16 years. My love for Mathematics, Physics and Data Analysis had driven me towards simplifying concepts and theories for Students preparing for CAT and IIT-JEE. While Putting on shoes of Educator & Curator of Training Programs for some of the toughest entrance examinations in India, I started participating in Capital Markets from last 14 years. It took years for me to simplify the core technical and analytical concepts of Stock Market and design a fully functional Risk-Managed Practical Mathematical Model to Capture Consistent Profits on everyday basis.

That's how Tradvantage Academy was founded 5 years ago. Our Unique Methodologies are enabled by scientific, high-impact Price Action Concepts with prime focus on Generating Consistent Daily income on the capital employed.

Priyanka Deepak Niranjan , Co-founder, Mentor

Having resigned from the full time job after comfortably getting into the shoes of professional trader, she has been successfully day trading in her favourite instruments of Nifty Options, Natural Gas, GoldMini. She is not only managing her personal trading account but also investment and swing trading accounts of our family office. Course subscribers will be able to get regular tricks, hacks and insights from her on how to manage investments and grow small accounts into assets.

The course is suited for anyone who is seriously looking to add a steady source of income, be it: 

  • College going students.
  • Someone looking for a job/employment.
  • Salaried person looking to add alternate source of income without disturbing current job.
  • Business owners looking to boost monthly income.
  • Professionals like Doctors, Chartered Engineers, CAs, Lawyers, CS wanting to have additional source of income with minimum investment of time and efforts.
  • Someone wanting to start a new business with minimum capital expenditure.
  • Home-makers/housewives wanting to make best use of their free time.

We have initiated mission to touch everyone's life in a positive way.

Making it possible for everyone to get upskilled with practical techniques and right knowledge to start trading with more confidence and conviction.

Learn the amazing  skill-sets and take control of your financial well-being.

We guarantee that the results delivered by our techniques will exceed your expectations, and help you to meet your financial objectives smartly and effectively.

So if you are someone who is seriously interested in pursuing day trading as a part time or full time business and currently facing challenges in maintaining consist profitability in trading or someone who is completely new to stock markets and curious enough to begin on firm footing then you can definitely connect with us. 

We at Tradvantage will hold your hand with firm commitment to craft a profitable day trading business model as per your capital and time availability.

The moment has come to value your time and money, lessen your learning curve, make a smooth transition into powerful business of day trading by rewarding yourself with amazing skillsets.

Join Now Premium Intraday Trading Business Mentorship Program for Regular Income Generation with Intraday & Swing Trading.

(Remember you have nothing to lose with our robust Refund Policy on Training Program. This is what we call risk-managed learning leading to life-long risk-managed earnings.)


***Top Rated on Google Reviews  4.9 Ratings

***Most loved training program with 100s of testimonials  and feedbacks from genuine course subscribers who are successfully using our Day Trading Methodology.

***Check Out here how people have added our intraday trading methodology into their daily routine.

***Check Out Practice Live Trading Videos

 "It's better to Learn & Upskill yourself with Right Strategies for once and keep enjoying the benefits for life."


If you still have any queries or require more clarification on how our trading style and methodology can be added to your day-to-day routine for getting best results, then WhatsApp or Call us on 7030290174  (Calling Time 10 a.m - 7.30 p.m)




Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer:

All the products and services on this site are completely of educational nature. Tradvantage Academy in no way associated with providing any Tips/Advisory/Recommendations of any kind on Stocks, Commodities or Forex Markets. And we at Tradvantage in no way encourage people to trade/invest based on tips and advisory of unrecognized/unauthorized and non-financial experts. We are modern technology-enabled education provider with focus on smart digital technologies and our techniques are enabled by a scientific, data-driven, high-impact price action methodologies. This training course is designed to educate people and provide information necessary and/or relevant to trading in the Stock, Commodity or Forex Markets. Our sole objective in imparting capital & financial market education along with helpful proprietary tools, resources is to enhance technical & analytical skills of an individual for greater accuracy and efficiency in his/her trading or investing decisions. Need-of-the-hour is to upskill individuals with smart analytical methods so that they are well-prepared to face challenges of equity and capital markets. Trading and investing in stocks and shares involves risk of losing capital/money.  We as a training service provider do not know or have control over how an individual uses/implements the knowledge acquired through our learning resources. The Tradvantage Academy will not assume any responsibility due to losses an individual, group of individual or any entity may incur as a result of trades or investments done after undertaking the educational training from Tradvantage. An individual or groups of users are solely responsible for their trading and investment decisions and any risks taken in Equity, Commodities or Forex markets. 

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