Best share trading techniques-strategies-methods for Every Retail Trader

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Best share trading techniques – Yes, every trader is looking for it. The most important question is how to judge which methods and strategies are actually workable?

For me, the only parameter to decide work-ability of any share trading techniques is – the capability of it to deliver RESULTS(Profit) in every market condition. 

A trading technique is not bad, good or best in itself.

It’s a trader who makes it good, bad or best by using it.  Share trading techniques requires support of two additional factors to make it work.

They are

  1. Proper trading psychology of a trader
  2. Disciplined  trade management rules.

A good trader should be able to make best use of particular trading technique and get desired results from it.  This is what makes any strategy good, bad or excellent.

At Tradvantage Academy our endeavour had always been to make entire process of trading as simple as possible.

I started with the objective of helping people in acquiring proper skills sets to make it easy for everyone to trade.  The ultimate objective is to be able to make consistent money from stock and commodity markets.

Now for the year 2018 – My mission is to ask everyone to trade the markets.

And Why do I want everyone to at least  give a good serious try at share trading ?

For the Simple reason that there is so much of money to be grabbed every day. There are ample opportunities to make money literally every day. And I feel it’s actually a bad decision to ignore such good income generating opportunities. It’s high time that one should take time to learn and master proper workable share trading techniques.

I don’t want to give my personal reasons on why everyone needs to start trading to get the financial independence that they always desired.

Following testimonials give enough clarification on – how getting equipped with simple skill-set can transform your life altogether with financial stability.

Results, Feedback and Actual Experiences of Retail Traders:

Travantage Academy Feedback            share trading techniques

No Tips/recommendations required. One is able to find trade-set ups on own and book profits at own will. One is in complete control of own money with proper trade management rules.  No need to wait for any one’s tips, advisory or confirmation. Trades done with full confidence.

Over the period confidence and self-belief reaches to such level that people are taking decisions of leaving current job to get into full time trading business.

share trading techniques

People are mentored on proper application of share trading techniques and methods at every stage.

best share trading techniques

Share Trading techniques and methods are taught by us, but individual Profit targets are decided by people.

The belief in our share trading techniques is such that people do not even talk about losses. They know they can recover losses on same day and be net positive on weekly/monthly basis.


One doesn’t have to be in front of computer for whole day. We have simplified share trading techniques wherein entire trading activity can be done comfortably on smartphone.

Less Stress.  Less Risk But More Profits by utilizing minimum amount of time out of daily schedule.


People from across the World have registered for our eLearning Program to learn trading techniques and methods. There are corporate offers for provding training to the employees by financial institutions. The techniques can be used for trading in any asset class be it equities, commodities, currencies and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

With our share trading techniques People are so temped to trade that they are too eager to leave their current job in order to pursue trading on full time basis.

I used to get messages from people that they only want to make on an average Rs.500 per day of net profit.  Now same people tell me that they are targeting Rs.2000-3000 per day of earnings from stock trading.

And people who were targeting Rs.2000 per day are now targeting Rs. 5000-8000 per day of profits from stock trading.

They are able to challenge their own limits because they have got self-belief that they can now achieve the set targets.

Overall 2017 had been very fruitful and profitable year for all us, wishing more successes in coming year.

Tradvantage Academy wishes every member of our traders community a Happy, fruitful and Prosperous 2018.

Learn more about our Online eLearning program from here.

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