Best way to Profit from Indian Stock markets in 2018-2019 [ Ready Framework]

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How to profit from Indian Stock markets in 2018-2019 and create wealth, that too with low capital, minimum risk and minimum efforts?

This post is going to answer the most important question that every trader and investor is having in his/her mind: How to take benefit and advantage of current market conditions?

Yes, this is the period that most retail traders and investors are always waiting for.

Let me come straight to the point – We have a big opportunity to create solid long term portfolio of stocks without putting a single rupee from your salary or income.

All the money for investing in long term portfolio stocks which are going to be available at mouth-watering levels will be from daily profits that one generates from intraday trades.

As we all know this is the election year for India. The elections are some 6-8 months away. The Stock markets have already entered into the period of uncertain times. What it means is that markets will see increased volatility with downside bias. The Foreign institutional investors and big funds

We already have techniques and strategies to make good intraday profits and options strategies to profit from such uncertain times.

This is right time to get ready for big money making opportunities that markets are going to offer in run up to election. Even the Election results day trades will be big profitable opportunity.

Let me clarify further  – what you can expect to gain if you grab this opportunity with both hands.

I have asked all our subscribers to work on a well-designed Framework for next 6-8 months called as  “Trading-investing-Combo-Framework”.

Most of them have already started working on it.

What is “Trading-Investing-Combo-Framework”?

Divide all your intraday profits that you are generating with the Price Action Methodology in 3 parts:

Part 1 : Invest 50% of this profit in long term quality dividend paying stocks (These stocks will be your retirement portfolio which would keep paying you for years to come.). The stocks are currently available at low prices and expected to further fall till uncertainties over General Elections are over. One is supposed to buy into it in small amounts distributed over next 6-8 months. I have already created list of solid stocks for long term portfolio which is sent to everyone.

Part 2: Keep 25% of intraday profits as  cash or use it for your other monthly expenses.

Part 3: Rest 25% of the intraday profits, keep adding to your trading capital.

Example : If your daily net profit is Rs.4000 then Rs. 2000 to be invested in creating long term portfolio of stocks, Rs. 1000 to be kept as cash, Rs. 1000 to be added to your trading capital.

If your daily Profit is Rs.10000 then Rs. 5000 to be invested in portfolio stocks, Rs. 2500 to be kept as cash, Rs.2500 to be added to your trading capital.

With this structured “Trading-Investing-Combo” Framework you will create long term portfolio of stocks (which of course you get at attractive prices this time) with virtually zero money from your pockets.

The money that one generates from intraday trading is used to build-up your equity asset which will act like pension fund when you retire.

Why this is best time and NOT TO BE missed at all?

The retail investors are always entering at wrong time in the markets as they don’t get quality stocks at lower prices. The current market condition with uncertainties over election results and other macros economy related problems are going to keep equity markets sentiments and trend towards downside.

Also salaried retail investors are not able to save enough money from their regular income to enter into equity markets, apart from that there is always fear of losing hard earned money.

But what I have been recommending to everyone is that you should not be using your income from salary towards building long term portfolio of stocks. One should start making daily profits from intraday trading and use the profits for investments.

And everyday presents us with lots of intraday trading opportunities to make good profits with simple trading methodology

Amongst the Tradvantage course subscribers who are already making consistent daily profits, most of them have already started building their long term stocks portfolio.

For beginners who recently joined or someone who is about to join – they just need Rs.15000-20000 to start intraday trading. Starting with daily net profit of Rs. 4000 they can start working on this framework with mentoring and support from us.

This daily profit will be rising with every trading session. So your daily income, daily saving and daily investment into portfolio stocks will keep on increasing.

Within 6-8 months one would be having good amount of savings as well as investments in quality stocks.

Further, Our strategies & Trade setups for Election results  will give further boost to your profits in coming months.

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Happy Earning to everyone !

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