Building Assets with Intraday Trading Profits

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The Definitive Guide on Building Assets with Intraday Trading Profits:

Too many people who are using our trading methodology are decisively moving towards taking trading as a full time job/profession.

As I keep getting queries on this topic very frequently, have been guiding and suggesting various measures to people on this very important aspect of  our financial plan.

More-over when a person starts trading with our techniques, it is almost certain that within 6 months he/she comes at a cross-road of decision making wherein person needs to decide whether to go full time with trading or not !

In light of this, it’s important to know how to allocate time and resources towards building assets from the profits earned through our daily trading activity.

It’s important to be clear about the ultimate end objective of all the work that we do every day.

Let me share my end objective (which I also recommend to others) – to create/build assets in next 5 years which would bring up passive cash flow to me every month for which I don’t even have to move a finger.

In other words, to build a free cash flow funnel from passive sources of income.

As our trading profits keep increasing, it’s the right and appropriate time to invest substantial part of our trading profits into such asset classes.

What are the assets which bring in passive source of income in addition to appreciation of value over the period of time?

  • Invest in Dividend Paying Fundamentally strong Stocks with good track record of dividend distribution and growth in profitability.
  • Invest in monthly Rent yielding commercial shops and residential units.

What kind of passive income one must eye?

My objective for next 5 years is to build up passive income funnel which would be able to generate enough cash flow to cover up fixed monthly expenses along with other regular expenses – such that even if I am sleeping 24 hours a day my living standards do not suffer.

And no need to put money out of your savings/ salary or any other business income to build up these passive income generating assets.

We are supposed to use only the profits that we are generating everyday out of trading in stocks and commodities. As this is the consistent source of income with profits getting scaled up month after month.

You can foreclose your home loans within 3-5 years, add rental income generating properties to your portfolio, keep adding regular dividend paying steady-growth stocks (Reliance Industries, HUL, Nestle, Colagate, ITC, Godrej Consumer, HDFC Bank, TCS etc) to your long term investment portfolio.

Yes, all these should be done with steady cash flow that we generate out of our intraday trading activity.

Yes, that’s what others are doing with their regular daily profits.

Best part of being intraday trader is that – we are not suppose to overthink on how the economy is doing. Whether economy goes from $3 Trillion to $5 trillion, or goes down all the way to $1 trillion we will still make money everyday from our trading activity.

We don’t have to worry about our income-generating investments because all of those we have accumulated from our profits of trading which makes these investment cost-wise virtually “zero”. What ever price appreciation happens in addition to the income that we make is just “bonus” for us.

Today I have personally invested in 4 Commercial shops, 2 residential units ( all providing monthly rental income today). And have a 2nd hand used Vehicle (it being depreciating commodity, I am not much enthused with vehicle purchases unless and until I get into Vehicle renting business).

What I mean to say is – we should clearly know what constitutes “Assets” for us and what makes “Liabilities” for us.

Everyone should focus on building “Assets” in initial phase of their financial life-cycle and keep “liabilities” to minimum.

As we all know the most valuable commodity is “Time”.

And the most successful person in the world is the one who can “afford to have most of the free time every day” without disturbing his/her regular earning/income.

We all get same number of hours (i.e 24) everyday to make most out of it.

How we use these hours NOW will determine how much we earn TOMORROW in the later hours of  our life.

And Trading is one such business which helps us in earning best out of the hours that are available to us everyday.

Every working day gives us lot of opportunities to maximize our earnings every hour with trading irrespective of our background, profession, education, work-profile.

At Tradvantage, we have designed robust trading methodologies for capturing daily profits from various segments of trading all on the smartphone without much effort.

Doctors, lawyers, CAs, Engineers, Bankers, Retired persons, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs from various fields,  Home-makers and College Students – there is a long list of course subscribers who have benefited and are continuing to enjoy fruits of the Trading Skills that they mastered.

Our Proudest achievement in last 3 years of our Training and Mentoring Services had been the upskilling of at least 48 Home-makers/Housewives who have enhanced the overall income for their families.


There has been the instances when after observing the results, their spouses or other family members too enrolled for the course.

Brothers, spouses, Father-son, Father- daughter, Mother-daughter – now people are approaching trading just like professionally managed family business.

The simplicity with which our trading methodologies are changing the lives of numerous families across the length and breadth of India has been the encouragement that we require to continue with our Training and Upskilling services.

For Indian retail traders the most popular segments for intraday trading include:

  • Cash segment  – Stocks
  • Futures Segment – Stocks
  • Nifty Futures
  • Nifty Options
  • Bank Nifty Futures
  • Bank Nifty Options
  • Commodities like Crude Oil, Silver, Gold, Aluminium, Natural Gas etc.

A good trader who aspires to take Trading on full time basis needs to have techniques to generate daily profits by trading in these segments.

Our unique and disruptive trading methodology along with a Ready-To-Replicate Profitable Trading Business Model delivers consistent steady daily income.

There is a way  to achieve the ultimate goal of complete financial independence and we all are trying to reach it within time and resources available to each one of us.

All the best !

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