Daily Income Intraday Trading Strategy

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I find absolutely no reason why everyone should not be looking at stock trading for generating daily income from it.

The capital requirement is also very small to get started on with daily income from intraday trading.

80% of the queries that I get is about the capital requirement and most people want to start with capital of around Rs.15000-25000.

In fact even for people with large amount of capital, I ask them to start intraday trading with capital of Rs.20000-25000. Trade management and money management are important skill-sets that one should learn before deploying large capital. Once you trade on capital of Rs.15000-25000 for 15-20 days, you will gain enough confidence and expertise to manage large positions and capital.

No need to jump into the trading with all the capital that you have.

Next question that props up is – how much profit one should expect from intraday trading?

I have very clear target and objective for booking profits – it is based on the trading capital that we use.

One should be targeting to book 2.5 % to 10 % Net profit (excluding brokerages and other transaction charges) on your trading capital every day. And this range of 2.5 % to 10 % depends on brokerages and margins that your broker gives for intraday trades.

And Intraday trading is perfectly scalable business, as you start accumulating daily profit in the range of 2.5%-10%, the trading capital will increases and so will be your profits too.

Let me show Live results of some of our Trading Demo videos which we use to teach and train retail traders on how one can book handsome profits every day on small capital.

There is a misconception in minds of lot of people that one requires big capital to make good money from trading.  This is totally WRONG and propagated by people who lack proper trading methods. People who start with big capital have risk of losing large part of their capital as their focus is only on trading with big capital and not on using proper trading techniques. Once they lose capital they will again try to bring in more capital but they will not try to figure out what went wrong with their trading techniques.

The immediate question that should come in their mind is – Do they need to look for more efficient trading methodology? Or keep on adding large capital and trade on any random method and risking that capital too.

I teach all my subscribers to start with capital of Rs.15000-25000 and get into habit of booking daily profit of Rs.1500-4000 from it. Once you do that successfully for 2 months, you will be comfortably able to trade with large capital for same trade setups.

And the simplicity of our Trading Methodology is such that – every member of your family who has a smartphone can literally turn their phone into – a “daily income generating machine” with capital of Rs.15000-25000 in their Demat account.

This I am able to tell confidently because after mentoring over 700 people, what I get to hear regularly from them is that – after seeing the results with our methodology at least 1 more family member has started using the same trading methodology to generate daily income.

Yes, we provide coolest and smartest ways to generate daily income for every member of family.

Let me share one interesting conversation I had with one of my subscribers who is of the age 65 years. Now since our trading methods needs to be used on smartphone, he was not that much comfortable on phone. So he asked his grandson who is 15 yrs something to help him with handling smartphone and picking trade setups from it.  He said his grandson has simply started loving the trading. Not only he helps him with his trades but also trades from his mother’s Demat account. And their combine earning from 2 Demat accounts has crossed over Rs.2 lacs per month. And important point is they started with capital of Rs.25000.

The first task I give to every subscriber is to clear the mind of all the misconceptions and myths about trading. Un-learn all the unwanted, unnecessary things and then learn the new innovative, smart practical ways to trade. What to trade, How to trade, Where to Trade, Which tools to use, Which Brokers to use for better returns, How to achieve daily profit target…you get to know everything from start.

Yup, this is how you fall in love with trading and eventually it becomes part of your daily rituals.


Thank you for taking time in reading the post.

Happy Trading !


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