Simple Day Trading Strategies With Tested Proven Results

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I get lot of emails and WhatsApp messages on day trading strategies – people find it really difficult to make steady profits from trading activity.

They keep wondering? Why they keep on losing money? Why No success with Trading?

Nothing wrong with you – Problem is with the methods and the process of trading that you follow.

It’s too technical to understand. There are problems with trade management. Not able to select right stocks for day trading.

Here I will be quickly discussing what you really need to focus on and What exactly to Avoid while designing  day trading strategies for yourself:

Your Focus should be to – Keep the entire process Really Simple.

First and foremost thing your day trading strategies should be simple to use. Too many things to analyse, too many indicators to check, too many signals to watch complicates the process.

You should be able to analyse a stock within seconds.

It should not be time consuming.

Your process of stock selection for intraday trades should be very simple and fast.

Keep things easy and  simple for trades and focus only on what is absolutely necessary, so that you can make the best possible decisions fast and correctly.

Do not trap yourself in web of complex technical Analysis/indicators or formulas…

That it becomes confusing to decide a trade…

There are dozens of technical indicators, dozens of chart patterns – trying to understand each one of them and analyse stocks against them complicates the process.

Focus on – Learning the best performing strategy and being with one which gives best risk-reward ratio with good accuracy.

Before starting your day trading business you should be ready with a proper trading plan with clear rules of trade management.


  1. Trading by Trial and Error methods From unreliable sources – Where you take position and just pray that trades turn positive.

2. Trading based on Tips service providers – You can’t blindly trust the people who are on the other side of phone  (they might be monkeys). Don’t lose your hard earned money to them.

In the end you regret and bang your head in frustration.

3. Taking trades on hearsay, rumours and television commentary – You will only have sleepless nights.


Let me discuss the important points that you should focus on while formulating your day trading strategies:

Have a Process to Pick/Select Right Stocks.

You should have a method to determine proper trade set up in the selected stocks. A trade set up means – a proper timeframe, right direction, right entry price, proper Stoploss and an initial target.

You should choose proper segment to trade in – Cash Segment, Futures or Options segment which will fulfil your profit objective.

Your endeavour should be to first achieve your daily profit targets in quickest of time. E.g if you have Rs.4000 as daily profit target then you should plan your position sizing and number of trade to achieve it accordingly.

Your trading strategies should be such that it should be able to give you lots of trading oppourtunities at any given point of time during entire day. So that you can book profit in one trade and get into another trade set-up. You don’t have to depend on anyone for trades.

Your day trading strategies should easily be able to help you achieve profit of at least Rs.2000 on capital of Rs.15000. IF NOT THEN YOU ARE YET TO GET THE RIGHT TRADING SYSTEM FOR YOURSELF.

Do not stop till you are able to find a right trading strategy that will give you Rs.2000 on capital of Rs.15000 every day.

If your day trading strategies don’t work for Rs.15000 then it will also not work for Rs.1.5 lacs or even for Rs.15 lacs.

Now don’t say it’s not possible !

Even profit target of Rs.5000-15000 per day is achievable with right methods of trading.

Look how people have cracked the success code by completely changing their approach and style of trading: [Watch in 480p quality and Full Screen Mode for better viewership ]


How could they trade so comfortably  & confidently and make money with ease ????

How are they able to get such results ??

How have they turned the tables??

The Answer is Simple –

They have got into the Right Process & Methodology of Trading.

They have completely changed their mindsets towards trading.

They are focusing their time and energy on Only the things That Matter in Trading.

They got the Right Guidance and Mentoring at every stage of their learning process.

Stock markets are not tough, we make it tough for ourselves – by not learning the RIGHY ways to trade them.

Where can you get resources to learn proper day trading strategies?

We have created a step by step video course to make it simple for everyone to learn all the essential things which would help you in creating wealth through trading.

What kind of problems will this step by step eCourse solve for you?

It will help you in mastering simple workable techniques and tricks for day trading.

Quickest and simplest way to pick right stocks to trade for the day.

Easiest way to determine right entry price, Stoploss price and decide targets for the trades.

Simple methods to trade in Stocks, Indices (Nifty , Bank Nifty) and Commodities.

You will learn simplest method to trade in Futures and Options segment.

Simple techniques to pick stocks for BTST/STBT and positional swing trades (1-3 days).

Simple techniques to make daily profit of Rs.2000-8000 just using your smartphone.

You will learn how to scale up your part-time trading activity into a full-fledged business generating steady cash flow.

Learn how to create long term income generating portfolio of stocks with profits earned from day trading.

These are not plain theory or concepts – We show you the exact practical ways to book profits consistently with great conviction and confidence.

Save your time. Don’t waste time on learning complicated and confusing technical analysis.

Stop losing money on trial and error methods and tips providers.

Learn the most profitable trading skill-sets in less than 2 days.

Be ready to trade in any market condition with conviction and confidence.

You get Lifetime support and mentoring on strategies discussed.

Get answers to all your queries/doubts immediately.

Change your trading style and methodology. Make profits with ease.

Change your perception, Leave misconceptions on stock markets. Unlearn all the wrong methods that are giving you poor results.

Who should definitely  register for the course ?

Beginners and starters who want to learn proper day trading strategies to increase their monthly income.

People who are already trading but losing money and want to learn exact strategies to earn Rs.2000-8000 per day with ease.

People who are already trying to learn trading techniques and scratching their head over complex technical analysis.

Experienced traders who sit in front of laptop/computer for whole day to make living from trading. Save your time and energy by adopting simplified methodology.

And of course people who are always glued to smartphones playing games or are on Facebook & WhatsApp  all the  time – just use half the time to trade on smartphone and make steady income.

After going through entire article, if you still have got an“Excuse” for not able to make consistent money from Stock and Commodity trading, then bookmark this page, read it again after few days. Keep doing this till there are NO excuses.

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