How to pick, choose or select stocks for intraday trading [Simple methods]

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Every other day I get query regarding how to select stocks for intraday trading. The process of trading starts with selection of RIGHT stocks for  trades. The biggest problem that any trader faces is – how to pick/choose/select stocks for intraday trades out of hundreds & thousands of stocks.

The task of scanning and searching for stocks itself becomes tiresome and time consuming for many traders.

Also stocks are scanned or screened based on certain technical parameters or indicators.

Traders waste lot of time in front of computer/laptop, going through multiple technical analysis indicators – moving averages, MACD, RSI, Fibonacci and Gann calculations etc. Or analyzing time consuming data like Open interest, Volume, Candlestick patterns etc.

And it becomes necessary for traders to first learn all about those technical concepts and then start analyzing stocks based on that.

To screen hundreds of stocks against these indicators itself becomes herculean task.

What if the task of screening and selecting stocks itself become so easy that you can focus on your trade management strategies like position sizing, deciding Targets and Setting Stoploss.

Now the question arises – is there any simple, easy method to scan the stocks and select Right stocks everyday for trading?

What if I tell you – YES, there is simple, effortless, less tiresome method to select Right stocks for intraday trades. Best part of this method is that it takes just 10-15 minutes of your time to do this. And can be done on your smartphone itself.

Wouldn’t you be interested to know how exactly can one save time in screening stocks/shares and choose right stocks for intraday as well as positional trades?

The objective is not just to select any random stock, but to pick right stock and also determine the correct trend it is gonna follow.

Because trading  against the trend is useless exercise, so don’t try to chase targets by moving against the trend in a stock. You are bound to fail.

And when we see that the stocks we have selected for trades are going the other way and giving us losses time and again, the frustration and anger is quite evident.

To save yourself from frustration of not being with right stocks, focus on correct methodology to select stocks for intraday trading. Not only day trading, there are simple methods to select trending stocks for positional trades too.

Let me tell you why it’s important to trade with right stocks and follow the right trend. Once you have chosen a stock and determined it’s trend (up or down), next step is to decide right entry price for the trade.

Let’s say I decide to take trade in Tata Motors based on recommendation from my broker or an analyst on TV.  We got the Stock and the trend (let’s say UP). Now the stock is already trading 1.5% up. I decide to take position expecting further upside. As soon as I initiate the trade, stock falls by 0.25%. It keeps trading below my buying price. The stock is still trading in green, in desired direction i.e up but below our buying price. The stock closes around 1 % up for the day, but I’m still in loss because I entered at wrong price.

Thus it’s extremely important to know “right” entry price before deciding to trade:

Any trade can be divided into 3 tasks:

  1. Choosing right stock for trade
  2. Determining the trend (Up/down direction) of the stock.
  3. Decide right entry price for the trade.

And there is a method to do all these within minutes, on your smartphone itself without any software or technical analysis.

Do you use your phone for sharing messages via WhatsApp or Facebook?

Do you use phone for playing games?

Then why should you not use your phone to select stocks for intraday or positional trading ?

Sounds interesting??

The BEST part of this methodology is that we don’t require any Technical knowledge.

Even a person who has zero knowledge of stock market and is complete beginner in share trading can learn and do it comfortably. JUST LIKE THAT.

Our methods to select stocks for intraday trading and strategies to determine entry prices are so effective and practical that once you start using it,  you won’t be requiring any time consuming, complex technical analysis ever.

You just learn it, start using it every time you want to take trades, tweak it and customize it to personal objective and risk profile. That’s how you will be able to choose right stocks and trade confidently in any market condition.

You will quickly observe the improvement in your accuracy for trades and notice how easily you are able to hit the targets.

When it comes to Trading, at Tradvantage Academy we have put an additional “KISS” factor in our methods and Strategies i.e. – “Keep It Simple & Stress-free“.

How your methods to select stocks for intraday as well as positional trades are working?

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