How to make regular income from share & Commodity trading with low capital?

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I get numerous questions about minimum capital required to generate income from share & commodity trading –

Can I start with Rs. 5000?

I want to start with Rs.10000, is it okay?

How much income can I generate with capital of Rs. 20000?

I have Capital of Rs. 1 lac, how much income can I generate from trading?

These are very common questions that I get. So to put rest to all such questions, I decided to show – how it’s possible to make regular income from share & commodity trading with capital as low as Rs. 5000.

Also you will see how I and my wife use cash that is lying idle in our Savings bank account to generate cash on daily basis.

Watch this video in which I show the glimpse of real trades executed by me on my personal Demat account – the actual trades wherein capital of Rs.6000-12000 was used.

Only one trade was done at a time.

You will see that it’s possible to make Rs.700-2000 on the capital of Rs.12000 per day. And it’s not just one day phenomena. It’s not like – one day there is a good gain and next day it gets wiped off. You can make seriously make daily income from share & commodity trading.

The name of the game is “Consistency of Profits”.

If you are not able to make regular profits with your trading, then you got to check your strategies and techniques.

Watch here: (Select HD for better viewership)

Now that you have watched the video, you may feel that “it’s not as easy as it looks”.

The only difference between your view point and my view point is – trading strategies & techniques that I use.

To prove me wrong, you will have to learn and use those techniques and show me that they are not practically working for you. 

I am an Engineer by qualification, thus analytics and problem solving has always been my focus.

I identified major problems which almost all retail traders face. After analyzing the root causes of failures in stock market, I started working on solution to make it easier for everyone to trade in stock market. I had only one objective in mind – to remove all those hurdles of “complex technical concepts” and make trading “as simple as possible”. So that making regular income from share trading is possible for one and all.

income from share trading

The result is a Learning system which is as simple as learning A-B-C and 1-2-3, wherein you don’t even need to know meaning of “supports” and resistances”. Not a single mention of candlestick patterns, nor any complex theories to keep in mind.

Just give 5 days to learn and understand the Concept & techniques and you will reap benefits of it for next 50 years (i.e. rest of your life).

Simple concept, Simple techniques, regular cash flow in your Demat account.

It’s never too late to learn and start on with the profitable self-owned business of Trading.

I salute the spirit of this person, who at the age of 85 subscribed for the course.

My only endeavor has been to break the existing belief – that it’s too difficult to learn trading and it’s too hard to make daily income from share trading.

I have course subscribers from students of age 17, to housewives, and retired person as old as 85 years who have learned our easy, smart techniques. Now generating regular income from share trading activity.

Every individual is different with different trading goals, and thus a customized trading plan/strategy has to be devised to suit his/her personality and capital needs.

How to set and prepare your trading plan as per your Capital for daily income?

If one is interested in intraday trading:

Step 1:      Set your daily target.

Step 2:       Decide Number of trades you need to do to achieve your daily target.

Step 3:       Set your targets for each trade.

Step 4:       Using proper techniques scan & pick stocks for trades.

Step 5:      Prepare a trade set-up. Trade set- up means – you should have proper                         entry point, exact Targets and Stop-loss point even before entering the                       trade.

Example: If your Daily target is Rs.2000. And your Capital is Rs.15000.

Then your trading plan should include:

  1.    Choosing segment (cash, futures or options), scanning & picking stocks                wherein Capital on each trade is not more than Rs. 15000.
  2.    Number of Trades that you need to do to achieve daily net profit target of           Rs. 2000.
  3.    Setting target for each trade.
  4.   Prepare trade set-ups. With our techniques you will be able to generate list of     stocks with proper trade set-ups within 15 minutes that too on your mobile        phone itself without using any software or technical indicators.

If you are interested in positional trades (1-3 days holding) then you should set Your Monthly profit target, and number of trades required to achieve it.

And yes, it is possible to earn regular monthly income of Rs. 30000-40000 on capital of Rs.15000 by doing positional trades (just 1-3 days holding).

I have already demonstrated how on capital of Rs. 30000 I generated Rs. 90000 in a month. [ Read here ]

If you are interested in Commodity trading: Then you can set your daily target for it.

And yes, it’s possible to generate income of Rs. 500-1000 per day on capital of Rs. 5000 from Commodity trading.

Here are commodity trading contract Notes:

income from share & commodity trading

income from share trading

When it comes to commodity people usually think of Gold, Silver or Crude Oil. But there are other commodities which offer better returns per trade like Aluminum, Copper, Nickel etc.

Me and my wife love trading Aluminum, Copper & Nickel daily in our evening time.

I trade commodities even while playing with my Kid or helping her with homework.

We have a trading system which is so simple that we have totally  adapted it into our daily lifestyle.

We are not compulsive traders (though we are full time traders), we only trade wherever we see proper trade set-ups for PROFITS.

Any trading plan should be tested for at least 2 months to check whether it delivers consistent profits. And I have already shown Capital of Rs.5000-30000 is enough to try and test any trading technique/plan.

Once you develop trust/confidence with a particular trading technique/plan you can very well increase your trading capital.

Well let me tell you if your trading techniques are right and even if you start with the capital of Rs.20000 to test them for 2 months, then you won’t be needing any further capital. Because by then your Rs. 20000 will have grown to Rs.60000-80000.

Want to discuss your trading plan?

Interested to have customized strategies to suit your trading goals?

Want to learn how to set targets & earn daily income from share and commodity trading?

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