2 most essential things for making profit from share and commodity trading

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You need 2 very important things to consistently make profit from share or commodity trading activity. And one should not ignore these 2 things.

Before starting to trade you should have these things which will make you a better trader almost instantly.

These are:

  1.   Self Discipline
  2.   Proper Trading System/Plan

Self discipline:    Self discipline comes automatically when you keep your “EMOTIONS” away from all  your trading and investment decisions. There is no place for sentiments or emotions in trading & investing. There should be only one objective of any trading or investment decision you take, that’s “PROFIT”.

ONLY PROFIT and nothing else.

You are investing your time and money to generate more money out of it.

Don’t get emotionally or romantically involved with any stock or trade.

Whatever trading system or trading plan you are following, you should STRICTLY follow the rules that you have set for it. Nothing should change your mind.

Ignore opinions of others. Don’t take trades based on opinions of others.

Only follow your trading system. It will only tell you when to buy and when to sell.

Markets reward people who observe self-discipline.

Trade only when you have a proper trade set-up with well-defined entry point as per your trading system.

Respect the Stoploss and Targets.

Proven Trading system/Plan:         Your trading System/plan should not be too complicated needing lot of indicators to determine a trading opportunity. It should be simple and easy to use.

It should be able to offer lot’s of trading opportunities without taking too much of your time.

Your trading system should work in any market condition.

It can be back tested any number of times.

It should consistently deliver results with good accuracy.

As far as we are concerned – it’s only because of our simplistic trading system and Plan which can quickly be adopted by anyone, we have become household name and favorites of most people.

For us, our biggest asset has been the feedback/testimonials from the people.

We have Fathers recommending our course to their son.

We have Mothers recommending course to their married daughters.

Others  recommending to their friends & relatives.

Husband and wife learning together and benefiting from it.

How many times does it happen that someone takes an online course, and then actually comes to personally meet you because they simply liked the trading system.

A couple from Patna personally came to meet me after subscribing to the course online.


College Students have learned our trading system and making money in their free time.

Housewives can trade and make money while watching television or even when they are cooking.

My wife trades commodities while helping our kid with school home-work. That’s how simple and practical our trading system is!

Retired person aged 85 years joined the course suggesting it’s never too late to learn any new skill.

With our trading system you can actually turn your smartphone into virtual ATM machine, generating cash as and when you have time.

Whether it’s Stock or commodity markets, if they are open then you can make money with quick trades on your mobile itself.

Stock markets are open from 9.15 a.m to 3.30 p.m. and commodities market are open from 10 a.m to 11.30 p.m . So you do not need to think about when and how to trade, rather you just need to find free time and trade just like that.

In our trading system you will learn exactly how to take quick trades between your work, in your free time, while watching Television, while having tea, while having lunch/dinner, while travelling on bus/cab/local trains.

“If markets are open, login into the Mobile App of your broker, quickly scan through stocks or commodities, look for our well-defined trade set-ups and execute trades”.

Within 30 Seconds you will be able to determine exact entry point, stoploss point and set your target.

In the learning modules I have demonstrated live trades via Mobile. You won’t believe I have even done trades while watching Movie in the theater.

This is the one system that will be your friend for life, which will generate cash for you from your Mobile as and when you want it.

I have time and again demonstrated that you don’t need lot of capital to start trading .

You can read here and here.

If you have large capital say Rs. 2 lacs but no trading system, then in no time you are going to lose entire money.

If you just have Rs. 15000 but a proper trading system then you can even turn Rs. 15000 into Rs. 5 lacs.

That’s possible only because of these 2 important factors  –  “Right Trading System” and “Self-discipline”.

If you have these with you – you can conquer the world of trading and investing.

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