Practical, Result Oriented, Proven Combo strategies for stock & commodity trading [With Success Story]

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strategies for stock trading

When we say result oriented proven strategies for stock and commodity, we are talking about the real profits that everyone can actually make by trading. What you require is simple, better and smarter combination of strategies.

What kind of profits are we talking of?

Profits that are real and achievable.

I don’t say that you will make daily Rs.10000, 15000 or 20000.

We set easily achievable targets like Rs.1000, 2000, 3000/ day and grow our trading capital systematically.

There are other methods to grow our profits with short term swing trades.

What we use is a combination of strategies for stock and commodities to maximize our gains. We can systematically create wealth with disciplined approach to stock/share and commodity trading.

We have a well structured, well planned trading system and we don’t look for any other things beyond that.

For intraday trades with our highly profitable strategies for stock we set specific targets like Rs.1000-3000/day.

In between we take swing trades (1-3 days holding) and maximize our profits.

For intraday trades in commodity we set targets like Rs.500-1500/day. I don’t recommend positional swing trades in commodities.

Then we have “Double the capital strategy” wherein we double our trading capital every 3 months.

That’s straight simple trading plan for entire year.

We can’t create wealth with only intraday trading. We need combination of strategies for stock and commodity to maximize our profits with proper trade management practices.

If someone says you can be rich by day trading then s/he is fooling.

Day trading should be used to grow our trading capital slowly, steadily but surely.

And there are methods to almost automate our intraday trades such that we don’t need to monitor it whole day. I have already written about it.[ Read it here]

You should trade with limited capital in intraday. Save capital for other strategies that give bigger returns.

As a trader, it’s important to know how much capital to use on a particular strategy.

Every strategy whether it’s Intraday, short term swing trades or “Double the capital strategy” , it requires proper allocation of capital.

Now let me show how wealth is creating with combination of trading strategies for stock and commodity:

Here’s a case study and testimonial of one of our course subscriber. She grew her capital from Rs. 35000 to whopping Rs. 540000 in over 10 months. She effectively used combination of strategies for stock & commodity. The result looks extremely fantastic but sounds improbable to achieve. But then we have super powerful combination of strategies which make things achievable with disciplined systematic approach to trading.

Most striking factor is – “she is a working woman and was a beginner in stock trading. She started with zero knowledge and now trades like a professional.”

Few day’s back she emailed me that she is resigning from her job and taking Trading as a full-time job.

Here’s her recorded Phone call:

[To listen to her trading experience  Play Audio ]

I sent her a questionnaire. Asked her to answer some questions regarding her journey as a successful trader. So that others can also understand how wealth can indeed be created with a well planned trading system. You will learn how she effectively used combination of strategies for stock and commodities.

Here’s short interview via email:

  Q.1 Let’s start by telling us, how you came to know about tradvantage academy?

Ans:    Actually one of our relatives told about your website and course. My husband was searching for a training centre to learn about trading. After visiting couple of coaching classes in our city, we found that fees for course ranged from Rs.15000-25000. We asked one of our family friends whether such course will help us. Fortunately he had already enrolled for your course and told us about it. He even  shown us the study material which we found very simple to understand. He asked us to directly register with your website for clearing doubts, queries and guidance.

Q.2  Whether you had previous knowledge of stock market or trading?

Ans:  I knew nothing about stock market. I never had any Demat account.

Q.3 How was the course study material, was it easy or hard to understand?

Ans: Yes, the study material was very easy to understand. I had no difficulty in going through it as there was no technical terms involved in it. There was Hindi explanation also, which also made things easier for me to understand. Whatever doubts I used to get, I would note it down and email or WhatsApp it to Deepak Sir. His support and response in resolving the queries was excellent.

Q.4 How much capital did you start with?

Ans: Although Deepak Sir asked me to start with Rs.20000, I started with Rs. 35000. Initially for 10-12 days, I just did paper trading to gain confidence with the trading techniques & system.

Q.5 And how much is your trading capital now?

Ans: My initial capital has now  grown to about Rs. 540000 in about 10 months.

Q.6 Tell us about your trading plan? How you set your initial targets and goals?

Ans: Initially I had set target of Rs.1500 per day from trading in stocks. I continued with same target for 2 months. My capital by then grew to almost Rs. 85000. Then there was this “Double the capital strategy” with which my capital appreciated to Rs. 180000.

I raised my daily target to Rs.2000 and still continue to trade with same target. I also started trading in commodities in the evening.  And had set target of Rs. 500-750 per day from commodities trading. And I am very much happy with my results and trading targets.

Q.7 You had a full time job –how did you manage trades then?

I am from teaching field, working with a private college, whenever I got free time in between my working hours I used to trade from our staff room on my mobile phone. For intraday trades I trade only with Cover orders or bracket orders, it removes lot of stress out of trading as proper stoplosses are kept for every trade.

Q.8 Why have you decided to leave your current job and continue as a full-time trader?

Ans: I have reached a stage where I find myself making more money in trading than my monthly salary. If I can earn that much with part time trading, I can do more if I take it as a full time business. I have already made sufficient money to keep it in savings. It’s not that now I have over Rs. 5 lakhs so  I trade with that amount. I still trade with capital of Rs.50000 for intraday. Kept some amount for other trading strategies and rest is in the savings account.

Q.9 What was reaction of your husband and in-laws when you told them about the decision to leave the job?

Ans: They are all very supportive. And my husband is very happy with my success in trading field.

Q.10 How do you rate Tradvantage’s study modules, support and services?

Ans: The course material is good, easy to understand and the techniques and strategies were very simple. If I with zero knowledge of stock market can understand and learn it, anyone can do it.  And Deepak Sir’s support and guidance is excellent.

I feel short of words when it comes to thanking Tradvantage Academy and Deepak Sir for creating such a wonderful online learning system with which one can learn everything from home.

My best wishes to Tradvantage Academy.

————-End of Q & A————————–

The trading system and Combination of strategies for stock and commodities that we teach at Tradvantage Academy are absolutely simple and can be used by anyone.

One just needs to learn it, copy it and replicate it.

No time consuming theories or concepts.

Don’t waste time on complex, time consuming technical analysis.

Stop scratching your head over multiple confusing indicators.

Happy Trading!

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