Setting a Profitable Intraday Trading Business in Just 5 Days

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Setting up your own Profitable Intraday Trading Business from Scratch in Just 5 days:

Too many people especially the youngsters are asking me questions on long term prospects of Intraday trading. Will the strategies work forever and will the income be generated consistently even in slowing economy?

As the job prospects are not looking good currently, lot of fresh graduates are moving towards trading, some want to come out of 9-5 job structure. Also there has been lot of interest shown by home-makers for intraday trading so I thought it was important for me to give overview of entire trading activity. The beginners need to begin on positive note and follow correct steps so that one doesn’t end up losing the money.

All the confusion, queries and doubts should be clarified before entering the highly rewarding Intraday Trading Business.

I have tried to put every possible question related to intraday trading that comes in mind of every retail trader on how to start it from scratch, make it a sustainable business and Scale it up gradually.

First things first – Intraday trading is a highly specialised skill and one needs proper knowledge, right guidance, support and if possible a good mentor (who needs to be full time trader) to start the intraday trading business on a serious note.

Who are we?

We at Tradvantage Academy provide Online Training and Mentorship in Practical Techniques and strategies of Stocks and Commodities Trading that generate daily income.

We believe “Simplicity is the key to brilliance”, hence we have come up with unique, innovative, completely disruptive proprietary Pure Price Action Intraday Trading methodology.

Simplicity – Such that a person learns and starts trading in 2 days.

Disruptive – Because the techniques ensure that Not a Single Day ends in loss.

Innovative  – as one Starts earning profits from day 1 of trading without any fear and stress of losing money.

What we Do?

We help you master the exact art and science of making daily income from Stocks and Commodities trading.

Our Techniques help you to get rid of fear, stress and anxiety and put you in the right frame of mind to trade confidently.

In short we help you in creating a profitable, sustainable, daily cash generating business for your family. Yes, this is the one business wherein every member of your family can start making independent income of their own with our innovative Trading methodology. Every member with a smartphone in hand will be able to generate income independently without anybody’s help.

**We have been doing it since last 4 years and have mentored over 700 families in successfully setting the Intraday trading Business.

How will the Course, Training and Mentorship program help you?

The biggest advantage of our Ready-to-Copy trading methodology is that your Trading Business will be up and running in Just 5 Days with guaranteed earning from Day 1 of Trading.

No need to jump from one strategy to another, no need to waste time on trial & error methods that you find in every other video on Youtube, no need to fall prey to misinformation, no need to keep paying money to Tips providers.

Our Training and Mentorship program is sharp to the point that will save your precious Time by cutting down the wastage of time on learning unnecessary and unimportant things.

The Course covers exact concepts and techniques and all that is ever needed to generate guaranteed daily income with comfort and ease.

No complex technical Analysis. No Technical indicators study.

It will save loads of money which would otherwise be lost in trading with wrong strategies, tips-providers etc.

What can you expect once you finish the training program with Tradvantage Academy?

Once you finish the training program with Tradvantage, you will have mastered the techniques to make daily income from trading in all the segments like Stocks (Cash, Futures & Options), Indices like Nifty and Banknifty (both Futures and Options) and all the Commodities.

You will be able to trade independently on own without help or advisory from others.

You will be able to pick trade set ups within 3-4 secs whatever be the trend or market condition.

Such will be your confidence level that –  even if you happen to wake up at 11 a.m then also just by looking into your smartphone you will be able to pick a trade set up in under 10 secs.

Within 1 Week your daily cash generating trading Business will be set and running on your smartphone.

You will be continuously scaling up (increasing) your daily profit targets.

Even a beginner or non-experienced person reaches Rs. 2 Lacs per month of Net Profit (starting with Trading capital of Rs.20000) by 5th month i.e beginning with initial capital of Rs.20000 one will eventually reach net profit of Rs.10000 per day by the 5th month. That too without having to add any additional capital.

We strongly recommend that “intraday trading “should be considered as a Business venture from day 1   itself by every trader. Just like any other business your objective is to book daily profit target which you have to set even before the market opening.

When you start using our powerful profit management calculators not a single day ends in loss.

What Tools are required to succeed in intraday trading?

Just an internet enabled smartphone is enough to learn everything and start trading on mobile Apps of your broker. One doesn’t even have to sit in front of laptop/computer to trade.

With the Pure Price action Techniques that we use, we don’t require any additional software or any other trading resource.

How much time one needs to allocate every day for intraday trading business?

There is no need of any special time to be allocated for trading; it can be done effortlessly along with your other work/job.

The trades are placed and executed in Bracket Order feature of Intraday Segment so no monitoring of trades required and no manual intervention needed once order is placed.

The trades get squared off within 5-15 minutes i.e profits come within 5-10 minutes of execution of trades. We are not supposed to be in any trade for whole day.

Not to worry – we train you in everything right from placing of orders to booking of profits by making best use of all the features that are available with your broker’s mobile App.

You will learn how to optimize your time to make most out of it.

Your trading business will generate income in morning by trading in equities, BankNifty and Nifty and in the evening by trading in Crude Oil and other commodities.

We have Professionals like CA, Lawyers, Dentists, Cardiologists and Pediatrician Doctors who are comfortably trading with these techniques without disturbing their work. Also there are home-makers who are trading every day alongside their household chores.

We have people who have made it a daily ritual/habit of trading and booking Profits every evening while having their evening walk in the park.

Such is the Powerful trading methodology that your confidence level reaches to a level wherein you start trading comfortably without ever fear of losing any capital.

Simplicity of the methodology is such that even a 12 year kid can correctly pick up trade setups on phone. (The time- taken to pick up a new trade set up is even less than the time taken to watch a 15 Seconds Tik-Tok video.)

 What is the initial capital requirement for the intraday trading Business?

One doesn’t need to put in large capital for trading. One can even start with Rs.10000 and gradually build the capital with daily profits that are booked.

Our strategy works effectively even on low capital.

To give perspective – if you start with trading capital of Rs.20000 then by 5th month you will reach per day profit target of Rs.10000 (almost Rs.200000 per month profit considering 20 trading days). This is how our powerful methodology works.

This is how capital is build up and one doesn’t need to put in any additional capital!

Money management and Profit management are embedded in the trading techniques itself.

Will these techniques and methods ever stop working?

NO, the methods will never stop delivering the results. These techniques and methods are universal in nature. It works in every market condition. It will continue to work and deliver the results irrespective of how many people use it.

I assure once you start using these techniques, you will never switch to any other methods or techniques. It will stay with you forever and you and your family members will continue to use them, whichever part of the world you move into.

Though the methods are customized for Indian markets but it can be used effectively in any Markets across the World.

We have trained people from over 15 Countries who are using these techniques for trading not only in Indian markets but US, European and even Bangladesh Stock Markets. People are using it to trade in Forex as well as Bitcoin exchanges too.

Who can start the intraday trading business?

Anyone above the age of 18 years can start it right from their home with just a smartphone.  No prior knowledge of anything required. Everything from basics to exact concept, and strategy implementation to achieving daily profits covered in training program. A person from any background will be able to start the intraday trading business in just 5 Days.

Remember, this is a recession-proof business. Whether the economy is slowing or inflation is high, doesn’t matter. Your earnings will not be affected. You don’t need any physical office/infrastructure. You don’t need any workforce. You work independently without anybody’s assistance. You can work from any part of the world.

The business gives complete financial security. The business provides not only for present income security (with daily & monthly guaranteed income) but also ultimate asset building opportunity (by investing the profits in other asset classes).

There is no reason for anyone to not get started with this wonderful business venture.

Time frame / duration of the course and training program?

There is no specific duration/ time frame for finishing the training program.

The training and mentoring continues till one is comfortably able to trade independently on own with the techniques.

Not just that – we continue to monitor your trades and hold hand till a person starts making consistent income with trading.

Support and Updates continues for lifetime.

Details on How the Learning Starts and Proceeds systematically with Tradvantage Academy:

  • Online registration and immediate download of Course material/ Study modules on Smartphone or laptop.
  • Start learning process as per the instruction sheet provided with the modules.
  • Note down queries/doubts as you progress through Videos and other learning material. Discuss/ask queries via WhatsApp (for immediate resolution), via email or scheduled Phone calls.
  • Within an hour of receiving the study modules one can start practicing the techniques straight away on smartphone as per the instructions. (Remember we do not require any special software, everything is done on simple mobile Apps which are free.)
  • From very next day start receiving the Daily watchlist of stocks for intraday trades (sent to everyone via email before the market opening. It helps in understanding the concept and implementation of it in real time.
  • Connect via WhatsApp during market hours. Discuss trade setups, trade execution process, profit management etc in real time during market hours.
  • You will start trading by 4 or 5th day (if you are a beginner) and within 1 or 2 day (if you have prior experience of trading).

Other important parameters of Intraday trading Business:

When we start any business venture, it’s important to check its scalability, sustainability and continuity.

So let’s see how we create a genuine, scalable and sustainable intraday trading business.

The methodology that we use for the intraday trading business is certainly scalable. The daily and monthly net income gradually increases in accordance with the increase in trading capital. E.g. if you were making daily net profit of Rs.1500 (excluding brokerages and other charges) on capital investment of Rs.20000, then in 20 days your capital would increase to Rs.50000 with daily addition of profit to it. From next month you will be making minimum guaranteed profit of Rs.3000 every day on capital base of Rs.50000.

You will be able to trade with capital of Rs.10000 as well as Rs. 1 Crore (as and when it reaches). You will be able to manage trades of any size for any trading capital comfortably.

Following are very important parameters of intraday trading which many retail traders ignore:

  • The risk management.
  • Deciding the quantity or size of trades as per the capital
  • Profit management calculations so that one is able to book the minimum guaranteed profits for the day.
  • Selecting the right Brokerage services with all the necessary features required for intraday trading.
  • Correct trade execution and trade management rules.

We have specially created Excel sheets to take care all these parameters. You don’t have to do anything, just put your trading capital in it and it will give everything – like what should be your quantity or lots for the particular trade. It even gives exact Stoploss and targets for the trade.

It is available for very segment Equity cash, Banknifty Futures, Banknifty Options, Nifty Futures, Nifty Options, Commodities like Crude Oil.

You get all these important Ready-To-Use tools (as a part of Course Material) which are essential to kick-start your intraday business right-away.

Remember only when  you are equipped with right knowledge, proper guidance and all the requisite tools, nothing can stop you from achieving the desired results in Intraday trading.



Thanks for reading the blog.

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